Ponder Success

Ponder Success

Ponder your way to a more successful future.

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Start With Who

Throughout my life, I’ve set many goals. Make first chair Trombonist in my high school band, lose weight to join the Marine Corps, make it through boot camp, buy a house before 26, get a job in tech while getting my degree, get various IT certs, finish my degree, and on and on. I’ve been…

Do More. Procrastinate Less.

Willpower is the ability to deny yourself and the ability to reject immediate gratification for your future benefit.  The stronger it is the easier it can be to make tough decisions like making the bed in the morning, cleaning after getting home from a long day at work, or making food at home rather than…

Be a Boring Driver

     Stoicism is the pursuit of self-mastery; philosophy put into practice. It is the separation of decision-making from emotion and studious analysis of a situation before an action is taken. Stoicism is making deliberate decisions while being cognizant of natural influences on decisions like emotions or hormones or social influences like peer pressure or…

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